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Batch transfer for multiple serial numbered stock using barcode reader without having to reset the entry page

I am aware of the quick check out function you have already which is fine if your at your PC . A batch numbers transfer option would be useful when wanting to move numerous individual numbered product to a location with out having to re set the check in or check out page. e.g 20 Ipads (serial number tracked ) 5 Ipad cases and 29 screen protectors being sent to location x could be done by batch transfer to location X When using a wireless barcode reader in the warehouse I need to return to the pc after every entry. Equally It would be beneficial to be able to set the location and then transfer multiple items to / from that location without having to reset the in out page. Just scanning the barcode would transfer item to the set location.

Smiley Pete 1 Added 8 years ago

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    When you’re moving them to Location X, are you changing the Location field, or are you actually “checking them out” to that location? Typically, users check out to a person, but I can see where it would be feasible to check out to a location, as well. I just want to make sure I fully understand the request.

    Also, sorry for the late reply – it’s been a crazy week! šŸ™‚