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Check in/Out Only View

I think it would be a great benefit to have the Check In and Check Out Menu options, and hide the other for a Kiosk or for self service. You probably can title it “Self Service Mode.”

KTrain510 2 Added 5 years ago

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    Hey, KTrain!

    Thanks for the idea! I’ve done this in custom builds, but until I get version 2.0 out with multi-user option (where there’s a shared database between multiple PCs), I can see where this may be problematic to get back in as an admin, unless it’s a separate executable.

    Interesting thought, and now you’ve got my wheels spinning. 🙂

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      I think its a great application. This is the closest thing to Self Service that I have found. It would be great to have it where a person could check in/out items and not be able to view/access the management or reporting areas. I am looking forward to version 2.0 to see what all you have kept a secret 🙂 !!!