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Integrate Mobile Technology

Hi I am working for a company that basically rents out iPads. We run recruiting events and use iPads to show off our mobile applications. Each event has many companies and every company gets a number of iPads. I would like to scan the barcode on the back of the iPad, type in a company name and have the software automatically recognize that the iPad is being checked out. If I scan the same barcode later, the software should recognize that I am checking the iPad in. Since this is happening in multiple locations at once and we have an inventory room in our main location, it would be ideal if we could also track where the iPads are (either in our office or at a specific event).

stevesabatino 1 Added 8 years ago

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    Quick question for you – Are you trying to check out iPads while at the event?

    I ask, because what you’re describing is what the software does, but the title throws me off a little. If you would, shoot me an email, and we can discuss a little further what you’re looking for.