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multiple scan points

is it possible to have multiple scan points so that an item can be tracked as it moves between locations.

for example

an item is scanned out from a master location, it is then scanned into its 1st location. After being used the item is scanned out and then scanned into its second location it is then scanned out of its second location before being scanned and returned to the master location.

is it possible for the database to incorporate these sub check in and out locations?

ffsbrands 3 Added 7 years ago

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    Not currently, but I’ll keep it in mind. If it’s a must have, I can quote you a custom build — the other option would be to check it out , and in the “checked out to” field, use the location it’s going to, as opposed to a name.

    Just a thought.

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      Please could I receive a quote for a custom build? if you need more information about our specific requirements then please email me.

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        Email sent. Please let me know if you don’t receive it.