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Ideas - Open

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Check in/Out Only View

I think it would be a great benefit to have the Check In and Check Out Menu options, and hide the other for a Kiosk or for self service. You probably can title it “Self Service Mode.”

KTrain510 2 Added 6 years ago
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multiple scan points

is it possible to have multiple scan points so that an item can be tracked as it moves between locations. for example an item is scanned out from a master location, it is then scanned into its 1st location. After being used the item is…

ffsbrands 3 Added 8 years ago
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The option to create a multi-item order

It would be really nice if you could build a multi-items list as an order to prepare for check-out check-in. Look at it like a batch check-out / order. You would be able to create a list of items before checking them out and assign…

johnny_0_o 0 Added 8 years ago
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a reservation system

We would love a reservation system to check out equipment and supplies. We often have students wanting to reserve equipment in the future and they ability to plug in a date for reservation so if someone tries to check it out during the reservation time…

SpacePsych 0 Added 8 years ago
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List of users

I understand integrating Active Directory is a premium feature, but i think it would be beneficial to upload an excel document with all users, then you can start typing their name to auto-populate. Another option is simply memory of people who checked something out, this…

SpacePsych 0 Added 8 years ago
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Space for CPU and RAM

I think it would be a really cool idea to have a field for CPU speed and RAM amount as well as Software that may be on the machine if your using it for laptops and desktops.

pegasus442 1 Added 8 years ago
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Mobile Integration

I would like mobile scanning integration. I want to be able to connect to the database by scanning barcodes on mobile devices. I’d also like multiple accounts so I can manage assets from different locations.

stevesabatino 0 Added 9 years ago